NIPR (formerly known as The Northern Ireland Publications Resource) is Northern Ireland’s National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications.

NIPR aims to fulfil the role of a national library for Northern Ireland. NIPR's role to identify, collect, preserve and make available for public consultation, every book, pamphlet, periodical and report published in Northern Ireland since January 2000.

While the six UK Legal Deposit Libraries collect material published in the United Kingdom, no local institution has a similar responsibility for comprehensively collecting all material published in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Publications Resource (NIPR) was launched in October 2000 at the initiative of the Library and Information Services Council for Northern Ireland, with funding from the British Library. It is a voluntary deposit scheme whereby a copy of every publication is donated to NIPR for preservation and future reference. As of May 2020, there are over 20,000 items in the collection, including books, journals, pamphlets and reports.

Belfast Central Library, now part of Libraries NI, and the Linen Hall Library, Belfast have been supporters of NIPR since its inception. The Linen Hall Library has been NIPR’s lead partner since 2015. The NI Department of Culture Arts and Leisure provided funding for the administration of the scheme until 2016, when the N.I. Department for Communities took over this role. NIPR is very grateful to the Department for its generosity and support.

Following a review in 2013 the name of the scheme was changed to NIPR, The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications, to reflect more clearly NIPR’s role and purpose.

In 2015 NIPR was granted charitable status by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland. Registration Number NIC102555.

Is é NIPR (ar a dtugtaí The Northern Ireland Publications Resource tráth) Bailiúchán Náisiúnta Thuaisceart Éireann d’Fhoilseacháin Thuaisceart Éireann.
Níl aon Leabharlann Náisiúnta ag Tuaisceart Éireann agus is aidhm le NIPR gach leabhar, paimfléad, iris agus tuairisc a foilsíodh i dTuaisceart Éireann ó bhí Eanáir 2000 ann a aimsiú, a bhailiú, a chaomhnú is a chur ar fáil le gur féidir leis an phobal amharc orthu.
Cliceáil anseo lena fháil amach cad é mar is féidir cuidiú linn.

NIPR (’at gaed bae tha name o The Northern Ireland Publications Resource afore) bes Norlin Airlan’s offeecial kist o Norlin Airlan prentit ootsettins.
Seein Norlin Airlan haes nae Offeecial Bibliotheck, NIPR is leukkin tae fin oot, ingaither, hain an pit tae fowks’ han tae luk at, ilka buik, blaud, journal an fynnin ootset in Norlin Airlan frae Jenyery 2000.
Cud ye gie iz a hize? We’d be ableeged gin ye’d gie a knap here tae fin oot whut wye ye cud dae’t.