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NIPR: The National Collection of Northern Ireland Publications is currently seeking suitable individuals to join the NIPR Management Board, to help provide strategic leadership to the organisation. Current roles for the Board include:

  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Board Member

NIPR aims to identify, collect, preserve and make available for public consultation, every book, pamphlet, periodical and report published in Northern Ireland since January 2000.

With a good knowledge of publishing within Northern Ireland, as a member of the Board, you will play an important role in running the charity, bringing valuable experience, skills and knowledge to help maintain the work carried out by NIPR.

Knowledge and skills in organisational leadership, the Northern Ireland book and publishing sector, finance/accountancy, HR, and marketing/outreach are desirable for this role. If you have good communication skills, enthusiasm, a commitment to preserving and sharing Northern Ireland’s rich and varied publications and are willing to work as part of a dedicated team, then this could be the role for you.

All roles with the NIPR Management Board are voluntary and the NIPR Management Board meets online 3-4 times a year, and more frequently if required.

For more information about NIPR please visit:

To apply, please submit your CV along with a 1 page cover letter detailing your suitability and preference for either the Deputy Chairperson or Board Member role to:

NIPR is committed to building a board with a variety of backgrounds, skills and views.

Closing date for applications is Thursday, 01 September 2022.

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