Resources for Authors

Agencies & Advice

Whether you need to find a literary agent, proofreader, or help getting your book to market NIPR can help. We work closely alongside many experts and professionals in the local book publishing industry and we have compiled a list below of some of the agencies and individuals you may wish to contact to help you with your project.

  • The Editors’ and Proofreaders’ Alliance of Northern Ireland (EPANI) is a group for editors, proofreaders and other publishing professionals in Northern Ireland. Here you will find contact details for literary agents, proofreaders, book design, ghostwriters and more.
  • English Pen An international writers association
  • Irish Writers Centre Support for aspiring writers
  • Poetry Society Build connections in the poetry community
  • Studio NI A communications network for writers and individuals involved in the creative arts
  • Verbal Organisation that works with communities and individuals to develop language based storytelling programmes
  • Writers Services Offers legal advice on contracts for aspiring authors